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what takes place?

The program


Thursday, 3.11

Doors open at 12:00

13.00 Opening and recognition. Presentations of new books

14.00 Chidren´s band  ÕHIN

15.00 Rohkõm Kihnu njäputüed – kört! (Craft presentation of Kihnu island)

16.00 Chidren´s band ÕHIN

16.30 Rohkõm Kihnu njäputüed – troi! ((Craft presentation of Kihnu island ))

17.00 Band Zurba

18.00 Instrument band Leesikad


Friday, 4.11

11.00 Introduction of  schools that teach craft

12.00 Final of Kedrafest

13.00 Rohkõm Kihnu njäputüed – kört! (Craft presentation of Kihnu island)

15.00 Helle Suurlaht with her students

16.15 Band Tuuleviiul

17.00 Rohkõm Kihnu njäputüed – troi! (Craft presentation of Kihnu island)

18.00 Craft night

19.00 Folk clothes. Ethnomode. Band Uurikad (youth folkband)

Saturday, 5.11

12.00 Band Peenid Sõrmed 

13.00 Band Lepalind

14.00 Band Peenid Sõrmed 

15.00 Band Laagri Leegid

16.00 Band VaReS

17.00 Band Mölav Meri

18.00 Band VaReS

Sunday, 6.11

12.00 Folkmusic band from Keila 

13.00 Reevele

14.00 Folkmusic band from Keila

15.00 Reevele

16.00 Ending of the Mart´s Fair.

The organizer has the right to make changes to the event schedule.


St. Martin`s Day Fair is open:

On Thursday, the 3rd of November at 1219

On Friday, the 4th of November at 1021

(Handicraft NIght at 1821)

On Saturday, the 5th of November at 1019

On Sunday, the 6th of November at 1016



Full ticket 8 euros
Ticket for pensioner or student 5 euros
Family ticket (up to 2 adults with underage children) 18 euros
Preschool aged children get a free pass to the fair
It is possible to pay by card or cash.

Inside of the building there are no ATMs. The closest ATMs are in the Rocca al Mare mall and in the Haabersti Circle K service station.

The location plan

The information of all participants will be published on November 11th at 12 PM.

See you soon!